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Advanced Care Team

| Advanced Care Team
Dr. Gary C. Jones
Family Medicine
Nell Woodroffe, DNP, ANP-BC
Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Bill Albrecht
Clinical Psychologist

When it comes to trusting your physicians with personal healthcare decisions, quality and experience really do make a difference. Our Advanced Primary Care Team, headed by Dr. Gary Jones, has decades of experience with our main focus being you, the patient. Come and experience state of the art health care with a home town touch the way it always was and should be.

All physicians are highly experienced individuals who are established leaders in their respective fields. These specialized practitioners sustain expert care within our practice, and provide an abundance of resources and solutions for our patients. Outlined below are the roles which each care provider contributes to our team:

Dr. Gary C. Jones, Family Medicine
Dr. Jones' primary responsibility is to assist in the overall management of our patients, particularly those with chronic conditions. Dr. Jones performs this through a population-based approach as well as individual interventions such as individual health and behavioral assessments to identify prevention, treatment, or management intervention opportunities. He performs population health, care management, patient-self management support and clinical documentation functions.

Providing support for patient and family centered continuity of care services for patients undergoing transitions of care, and assisting patients and families with optimal linkage to community resources, Dr. Jones is committed to the constant pursuit of excellence in improving the health status of the community.

Nell Woodroffe, DNP, ANP-BC, Care Coordinator
As Care Coordinator, Nell Woodroffe, DNP, ANP-BC partners with our primary care practice leadership to integrate care management into the practice. She assesses healthcare, educational, and psychosocial needs of our patients/families and provides self management support, and provide patient/family education. Their responsbiliites include implementing evidence based care, closing gaps in care, addresses prevention, chronic conditions and assisting with transitions between settings.

Performing and assisting with advanced directives, Nell completes comprehensive assessments, creates and maintains individualized plans of care and follow-up visits.

Dr. Bill Albrecht, Behavioral Health
Dr. Albrecht is responsible for coordinating and supporting mental health care within the clinic and for coordinating referrals to clinically indicated services outside the clinic. As the Behavioral Healthcare Manager, Dr. Albrecht provides evidence-based treatments or works with other mental health providers when such treatment is indicated. He ensures all behavioral health operations are in compliance with clinical guidelines and is responsible for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. 

After hours access for current patients:  
Carolina Clinic for Health and Wellness providers are available after-hours by phone for direct communication. The phone number for the after-hours on-call provider at Carolina Clinic for Health and Wellness is 252-757-3939. This is not a triage phone line. This number should be used for acute care needs only. After-hours phone calls should not be utilized for prescription refill requests or appointment requests. For emergency situations, please dial 9-1-1.

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Advanced Care Team

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