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Obesity Medicine
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Unlike traditional medical practices that merely treat the symptoms of existing illness, the physicians at Carolina Clinic for Health & Wellness are dedicated to helping keep you in the best health possible. In addition to having a full array of the latest high-tech diagnostic tools right on-site, our physicians have a complete team of health professionals at their fingertips, specializing in fitness, nutrition, sleep disorders and stress managment. Together they will show you the path to optimum health.
| General Health

Family medicine providers treat your entire family. Our doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants offer a wide range of services and preventative care.

| Cardiology

At Carolina Clinic for Health & Wellness, you are in the right hands for comprehensive cardiovascular care. Each of our patients receives pre-operative education that explains a procedure step-by-step along with the care needed afterward. Our staff discusses medications, pain management and dieting plans prior to treatment so that patients are prepared for success.

| Gynecology

Our highly trained physicians, nurses, and administrative staff are dedicated to the goal of providing superior full service gynecologic care to women.

| Sleep Medicine

Carolina Clinic for Health & Wellness Sleep Medicine is one of just a handful facilities in Eastern NC that has been fully accredited by the American Society of Sleep Medicine. We offer a comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat a wide variety of sleep disorders.

| Psychological Services

Our patient, caring staff helps patients through the difficulties of life. Throughout the years, we have become well-known throughout the community for quality and caring services. Depend on us, like so many others have, for stress and anxiety treatment and therapy.

| Medical Spa

Our Aesthetic and Skin Care Specialists evaluate and recommend the best options to help restore and maintain optimum skin health and beauty. We feature a wide array of treatments, including Collagen Induction Therapy, Medical Skin Products, Skin care Management and more.

| Allergy Testing

Our complete service line features in-office education for patients on the therapy and results. We customize a treatment program with the best individual patient treatment outcomes.


General Health
Obesity Medicine
Sleep Medicine
Psychological Services
Medical Spa
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